The Artistry of Chaos has taken many forms since it’s inception in 2013. It has always been about creativity, music, exploration, and finding order and disorder among Chaos. I am pleased to re-join an old bandmate from years ago, Josh Janitell, to breathe new life and bring his creativity to help transform The AoC into its next stage of existence…which with Chaos, is always in a stage of transformation. Still focused on styles of jazz, we will bring life to modern tunes and welcome original free form music.

Agents of Chaos:
Amanda Salazar – Saxes
Josh Janitell – Piano

Please check out the variety of posted tracks below recorded over the years of saxophonist Amanda Salazar and friends.

Former Agents of Chaos have included the talented works of Stephanie Peterson, John Charland, Nicole Leadley, Elvis Preston, and Khalil Brown. Earlier works without the Agents of Chaos were performed in college and with a great local band I played with years ago Redraw the Farm. 

For booking: please contact Amanda Salazar at or 719.588.4933